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5 Activities to Beat the Summer Heat

We know how challenging it can be to keep your little ones entertained during the scorching summer days. The Hummingbird team have rounded up a range of cool home activities to beat the heat and ensure your child has a fun filled summer.

1. Ice Excavation

Embark on an exciting ice excavation adventure with your little explorers. Freeze small toys or objects overnight in a water container. The next day, watch as your child uses tools like spoons or brushes to uncover their treasures from the melting ice, creating hours of exploration.

2. Shadow Puppets

Create a magical shadow puppet theatre indoors or in a shaded outdoor area. All you need are a flashlight, some cardboard, and your kids’ imagination. Cut out different shapes and animals from the cardboard, attach them to sticks, and put on a shadow puppet show as the sun sets.

3. Indoor Picnic Party

When it’s just too hot to be outside, bring the picnic indoors! Lay down a blanket, prepare some finger foods, and have a cozy indoor picnic with your little ones and their teddy bears. They’ll love the novelty of eating in a new spot, and you’ll create lasting memories.

4. Making Frozen Treats

Cool down and satisfy cravings with homemade frozen treats. Blend up some fruity popsicles using fresh fruit and yogurt or freeze juice in ice cube trays for easy mini popsicles. Your little ones will love the icy goodness on a hot day.

5. Window Art

A quick but slightly messy activity toddlers will love is drawing on a window! When you pop into your local grocery or stationery store, look for window crayons or markers. Your child will love to explore a larger area to draw and all you have to do, to clean up the fun, is wipe it away with a damp cleaning cloth!
We hope you have a fantastic summer filled with joy, learning and unforgettable moments!

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