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April 30 , 2018

Teacher Feature – Ms. Angela, Hummingbird Pre-School

  • Why did you become a teacher?

I feel seeing children develop is one of the best rewards you can get. Also being a teacher means not just imparting an education but constantly learning new things myself. Working with these young children means that teaching is one way to change the world and our future.

  • What are the best resources you consider when educating children?

Books are always the best resource for children to enhance their imagination. Playdough is also helpful because children can develop their fine motor skills by simply moulding, cutting and stamping it.

  • How do you respond to difficult behaviour in the classroom?

Each child is different, so I can’t generalise. One tip I’d share is to give the child a task to make them understand the importance of working together, sharing and gentle hands and thoughts. We also work closely with parents towards the same goals to ensure the same information is being to the child at home and the nursery.

  • What do you think is changing in the Early Years Education?

I feel especially in Dubai, multi-culturism is growing on a daily basis – this leads to the introduction of new teaching techniques and beliefs.

Also, with longer nursery and pre-school hours, we aim to engage our children not just for a few hours but rather the entire day. The introduction of different extra-curricular activities and language classes at our centres help in developing even more well-rounded and confident young individuals.

  • Share one piece of advice for our parents

I strongly urge parents to let their children explore more through messy play. These activities not only help children investigate and explore but also develop their sensorial understanding, communication skills and gross motor skills.


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