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"I cannot recommend this amazing nursery enough. My daughter has really flourished and every single staff member is like another mommy to her. They are incredibly loving and caring and completely open about everything that happens – from minor scrapes to how their day was and how they are progressing. ~ Mum at Hummingbird Nursery, Bay Square "

– Amy Heath

"I would like to thank Hummingbird Nursery for taking care of my newborn, Rafaella (4 months). You provided us with stability, your qualified and well-experienced staff took the time to know us and our child. I would like to thank Grandma, Nurse Mai, Nurse Rona, Ms. Holly and Ms. Jessica for always being extremely helpful, very kind, very caring and patient when answering all my questions. I couldn’t have imagined keeping my job without you – Rafaella is as safe at Hummingbird Nursery as she is at home. You are without any doubt the best Nursery in the country. I can’t thank you enough for taking care of the most precious person in my heart. We Love you Hummingbird, ~ Parents at Hummingbird Nursery, DIFC. "

– Yasmina and Andre Mourad

"Elly has been at Hummingbird since he was four months old, he smiles every morning when he is picked up by Marites.  As a working mother, I feel confident that my child is looked after by trained staff and comforted in knowing that he is happy and learning every day. The management is lovely and a pleasure to deal with.  I can highly recommend Hummingbird. "

– H. Delaunay

"Obviously for any parent, finding the right nursery for your child is unsettling, and having sent both my boys to Hummingbird, I know we 100% chose the right one… Being a working mother, the fact that the nursery is in the same building to my office is a huge bonus. It was difficult enough going back to work, but knowing that I could go and visit them, and take them out anytime throughout the day made my return to work so much more bearable. Now, both boys (now aged 1 and 3) are so excited to get to nursery each day – they love it! Their development has come on so much from the great care they receive from each teacher. From walking to talking to potty training to preparing them for school – they are learning new skills and words each day. Thank you Hummingbird for giving my boys a great start in life. "

– Anabelle

"I would like to take this opportunity to share with you how pleased I am with the nursery and the provision that is being provided at Hummingbird. Even though Finnley is only there for 2 afternoons per week, I have always felt that the staff know and understand him and are aware of his individual needs. For me as a mum it is really reassuring to know that he is happy and safe when he is there. The staff at all levels are always accommodating and welcoming. I especially appreciate Finnley’s teacher telling me if there have been any problems or if he has learned something new when I come to collect him. I really do feel that the nursery works in partnership with the parents. I am delighted with our choice of nursery for Finnley and just wanted to thank your team. "

– Lianne

"I went back to work when my daughter was 4 months old and Hummingbird definitely helped me throughout the transition. At first I was hesitant and thought maybe I don’t need to work anymore, but seeing how happy and relaxed my baby is has made me more at ease about it. I love how friendly, professional, and approachable the staff is. I love the exposure my baby is getting and appreciate that she’s learning something new every day, socialising and making friends while being in a healthy, safe environment. Thank you Hummingbird for answering all of my questions and for making multitasking a lot easier. A big shout out to all super mama’s out there "

– Amira

"Both my kids have gone to Hummingbird as soon as they started walking, and soon the littlest one will be going to big school. They have both been very happy, the older one continues to go for after school activities which she looks forward to every day. And hopefully they will continue to go to after school activities and summer camps until they are too old! Hummingbird’s staff are great. My kids feel like it’s a second home, which makes me very happy that they are so comfortable yet learning so much through a great mixture of activities and play "

– Lara

"As most parents find, going back to work after having your first child, is always daunting, and when my daughter was 5 months old I was faced with the guilt and anxiety of returning to the office. I didn’t need to worry, my daughter settled into the Hummingbird very quickly, and nearly 18 months later she is still very happy there, and on many occasions hasn’t wanted to leave at the end of the day! Having her so close to me, as I work in the DIFC, has been an added bonus and being able to pop down whenever I have a moment has been priceless. She continues to enjoy it, has learnt a huge amount and is a very happy toddler. We are also going to be sending our second daughter there when she is 4 months old, and knowing how good the staff are and how well they have looked after my eldest, it has made the prospect of returning to work a lot less daunting and almost guilt free – I cannot thank the teachers/staff at Hummingbird enough! "

– Louisa Carnegy

"As DIFC working parents we had concerns about our daughter going to nursery as a 14 week old. We did not need to worry! Hummingbird was amazing. The care, love and developmental guidance they gave to her and to us was exceptional. Our daughter spent over 3 years in Hummingbird and even wanted to go on weekends! The educational aspect exceeded our expectations and we now have a very confident, happy, social and well-adjusted little girl. She loved her monthly topics, show and tell, the jungle gym, French, music and ballet lessons and the excursions were always a favourite experience. Additionally she made some lovely friends who became so important to her. The staff were always absolutely wonderful and I cannot praise them enough, they guided us through her development in a professional and caring way. I cannot recommend Hummingbird enough. Thank you so much and we already miss you all! "

– Kylie Inferrera

"I have 2 children at Hummingbird and they both love it. The facilities and the staff are fantastic – approachable and very professional. I feel very comfortable dropping them at Hummingbird as I know that they will not only receive great care but their social and educational development needs are taken care of too. I highly recommend Hummingbird "

– Lorraine Gatfield

"I just wanted to say formally in writing how wonderful Miss Christine has been, she truly is an asset to the nursery. Miss Christine has been so kind towards both Lily and I. The transition back to work for me and Lily was tough as it happened so quickly but Miss Christine was so lovely, her gentle nature and kind words settled both Lily and I. I can’t thank her and the nursery enough for the wonderful way she has handled Lily (and me!) "

– Amelia Byres

"My son has been with his Hummingbird family since he was 5 months old. It is always hard to leave your little one, no matter what age, at a day care. But I wouldn’t ever call Hummingbird just a day care. It is so much more. It was always Zayyan’s home away from home. There were days he didn’t want to leave me but so many more where he would eagerly cuddle his caretaker and wave goodbye, all smiles. The nurses kept me up to date of his wellbeing regularly, the reception staff dropped notes during stressful work days on his little antics, the bi-weekly letters and weekly calendars telling me the different topics and activities they would be learning explained the variety topics they were learning, the personalized notes and artwork they would send home brought his day experience to life for us, the weekly pictures uploaded for us to coddle over kept us entertained over the weekend, the activities they planned for parents and kids helped stimulate child-parent interaction, the suggested ‘at-home’ activities to ensure we don’t let the ball drop while at home was very helpful for any new parent and the daily notebook with their eating, sleeping and pooping schedule to make sure we know whether our kids are eating, sleeping and pooping on time! These were all but a few things that convinced me that Zayyan was in the best place, the best environment and definitely with the best people. A huge heart-warming huggable thank you to each one of the Hummingbird family for their input in Zayyan’s first 2 years. We will miss you. A lot. "

– Amna Ahmed

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