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May 8 , 2018

Teacher Feature – Ms Leah, Hummingbird Bay Square

  • Why did you become a teacher?

From a very young age, I always knew that I would pursue a career in teaching.  At university, I became extremely passionate about teaching within the Early Years sector and decided that I would work with younger children within preschool settings.  As a teacher, I aim to provide all children with positive learning opportunities and experiences that will help to shape their future.  Every day is different and every child is different which makes the profession extremely motivating and rewarding.

  • What are the best resources you consider when educating children?

It is important to remember that teachers and parents can create excellent learning opportunities and resources themselves.  If you are creative and use your imagination, you will not always require the latest toys, books or gadgets.  For example, children love messy play, making play dough, creating their own story- books, rhyme bags and sensory bottles.

  • How do you respond to difficult behaviour in the classroom?

I have supported a wide range of children within classroom environments, language units and also specialised settings throughout my career to date. It is important to implement an individualised approach when responding to difficult behaviour in the classroom, ensuring that strategies are appropriate to the needs of every child.  I find that positive reinforcement and consistency prove particularly effective when managing challenging behaviour.

  • What do you think is changing in the Early Years Education?

Although we cannot ignore the growing competition and pressures related to assessment and securing school placements, we must not forget that every child is unique with individual strengths and talents, which should be nurtured. Therefore, it is also important to encourage extra curricular activities in early years education and to support children to develop additional skills and interests in order to facilitate confidence, social communication skills and build friendships.

  • Share one piece of advice for your parents

Reflect on monthly topic maps and weekly planners at home.  Your child will love talking to you about their daily learning experiences and activities.  At home, you can support their learning by modelling language, creating messy play opportunities and spending more time reading with your child.

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